Poker Online and Energy Drinks may not be a Good Mix

Hey poker online fans! The title of this post might have already raised some eyebrows. But read on and find out the reasons behind our claim. 

The brain and its food 

Your brain is just about 2% of your total body weight but it consumes about 20% of the total energy. It makes use of energy more than your liver, your kidney, your heart, and the other organs you can think of. 

The body makes most of the energy it derives from all the carbohydrates that we consume. And so loading up carbohydrates is essential for our cognitive functions. The brain however makes use of the glucose which is the end product of the processed carbohydrates in our body. The brain does not have big reserve of glucose so it depends on a steady in flow of glucose. Lack glucose and in card game terms you will have poor reads, bad decisions, and of course no chips in the end. 

The truth about carbohydrates 

So, it will be best to eat and drink carbohydrates while playing online poker games. Wrong! Since these are fast acting carbohydrates which flood your blood stream with sugar causing your body to react and level everything off by releasing a huge amount of insulin. So you end up with a dropping blood sugar. 

You need to pick carbohydrates which are low on the GI or Glycemic Index. This group will release sugar in small amounts to your blood stream, causing a steady flow of supply for your brain. Instances of low GI’s are vegetables, grains, and fruits.  So this healthy bunch is your perfect online poker real money food. 

Energy drink 

The energy drinks, just to emphasize, contain fast acting carbohydrates which is actually detrimental to your game. Drink a can and your body will compensate to lower the sugar in your blood stream and your brain ending up hungry for glucose as it calls and folds. 

The key is to eat healthy and have a balance of carbohydrates which will help with your attention, focus, and overall mental well-being. 

Happy playing!