Distract Poker Opponent through Poker Chip Tricks

Whether you are playing poker online or playing in the casino for a live match, you may have your own particular chip tricks. These tricks you can simply use as a trump card to distract your opponent at the poker table. Basically, using poker chip tricks to distract the opponents has proven successful to numerous online poker players.  

Let’s take a look on a few poker chip tricks which you can practice easily while you are playing poker tournaments. 

Chip Shuffle 

This trick is where you take 2 stacks of chips. And use your fingers to splice them together into 1 big stack. You should start off doing 6-8 chips, so have stacks of 3-4 chips that are touching each other. You thumb goes onto the left lower side of the left stack. Your index finger should go in between the 2 stacks and touch the chips where the chips meet. Your middle and ring fingers go on the right side of the right stack of chips. Continue reading “Distract Poker Opponent through Poker Chip Tricks”

Real Life Benefits of Playing Online Poker

Many of you love to play poker online for fun. Others treat it as a serious business. Whichever camp you belong to, the benefits of playing poker don’t stop when you log out. Here are four things poker makes you better at. 

Clear Thinking 

Making decisions based on logic, rather than emotion, will help you in all aspects of life. Poker trains this skill by giving you more rewards when you play optimally, and punishing you when you go on tilt. Superstition will not get you very far in this game. 


Poker is a social game, even when you play poker online India. The learning process will put you in contact with a number of people who can help you get better at the game; you’ll need to express yourself clearly to prove that you’re thinking clearly. Continue reading “Real Life Benefits of Playing Online Poker”

3 Simple Tips for Poker Sit & Go Tournament

When it is time to play a small online poker game, what is your choice: tournaments or cash games? Each format has its benefits, but you can get the best of both worlds by playing Sit & Go’s. With the Sit & Go poker game, you can mold your schedule to fit your needs, just as cash games, and you get all the advantages of tournament poker, including the option to play multi tables at the same time. 

If you are rather new to poker, a basic Sit & Go tournament strategy will help you get the most out of these games. You will have the chance to work with different stack depths and figure out the moves you require making. And you will be playing against fairly easy competition, particularly at the lower buy-in events. Here are the key things to keep in mind the next time you play Sit & Go online poker India. 

Keep It Tight Early 

There is not much motivation to go after chips in the early stages of a Sit & Go. Unless you have got quality starting hand in early position, or a sensibly good hand in late position, consider folding. Continue reading “3 Simple Tips for Poker Sit & Go Tournament”

Best Poker Gaming Destinations Around The World

Best Poker Gaming Destinations

Poker is not just a game of cards, but it’s a lifestyle. Online poker comes with its own culture, lifestyle and habits at times from which no poker player can be untouched. And travelling is a crucial part of a poker player’s life. To meet people with same poker passion players have to travel to different destinations. And if they prefer to explore poker world with great chances. Let’s roam to some of the best poker destinations of the world and of India.  

Las Vegas Nevada USA

Regarded as dream destination for any poker online player, Las Vegas is home to the world’s most renowned casinos, poker rooms and is the preferred destination of poker lovers. In addition, Vegas never sleeps neither do its poker rooms. Las Vegas is home to world’s largest number of poker rooms. Moreover, tournaments running all the time with all levels of buy-ins Vegas becomes an obvious selection. Continue reading “Best Poker Gaming Destinations Around The World”

Poker Games Unspoken Rules

Rules are an essential part of games, and players of every sport have to stick to some set of guidelines. The same is applicable for skill games like online poker game which has its own set of guidelines. However, there exist particular tactics of poker that follows as basic practice. And at the same time are noted to be unsaid rules of the poker game.

Slowrolling is Never Acceptable

It is regarded to be one of the major infringements that a poker player can ever do in the course game. Slowrolling means deliberately stalling to turn over the winning hand, and only practice to irritate your challenger.

Never Call Clock on a Player if Not in a Hand

The game of poker is of judgment, and sometimes you will come across players who require additional time to make a crucial decision. This surplus time taken by your challenger for decision-making must not trouble you unless you are engaged in the hand. So, let the players handle the calling clock if you’re not engaged in the hand.

Don’t “Hit & Run”

One of the most awful poker game acts is to leave the poker table instantly after winning a big hand. It is regarded wrong to play poker game with this technique. Many of these hit and runners are despised by the poker society, and are viewed with disregard. In this instance, you will also find poker players who perform Short-Stacking, that is, these poker players not only Hit & Run but appear with lowest buy-in and follow a push/fold technique. Put simply, if they work on one poker table, then they will depart from that table. And change to play one more poker game on another table with nominal buy-in.

Never Drink while Playing

In poker games online, you may encounter few pro players who have a habit to win more with a glass of liquor. But don’t forget, exceptions can be found all over. It is always wise to not drink when playing poker game, even not under the effect of others, as you will lose those hands that are suitable of wins.

Never Grumble, Never Explain

Bad beat occurs to all. You may sometimes find yourself in a scenario when cards may not prefer you. That very instant all you require to do is deal with the circumstance – smirk or nibble your tongue – but do not grumble about it. Worrying is not the answer to your bad luck, rather it makes you feel even worse. Another essential thing that you require to remember is not to clarify the situation- just neglect it and proceed. Though you might have a feeling for the acceptance of your friends and even unknown people on the table, but don’t ignore you have not done a thing wrong. It is not essential to explain to others how estimated your raise or call was as no one at the table has signed up to have poker lessons from you. Rather, you lose much more than you accomplish.

Happy playing!

No Limit Poker vs Pot Limit Poker

You might be aware that poker regarded as game of cards where aim is “beating your competitors”. To get to this, the players play on the value of the card-combo dealt to them. And set the gambling sum into the middle game pot. The player, who owns a hand with the highest value. Or is still in the game after all others have folded away, comes forth as winner.

Each poker game carries an organized quantity of gamble in each round of game. These are normally termed as limits. The limits of bets may be of three kinds – ‘Fixed Limit’, ‘Pot Limit’ and ‘No Limit’. It is crucial to figure out these before selecting a table. Though there are small differences, but each variant requires an individual set of tactics, demeanour and mind-set.

Playing limit applies to the quantity with which a player might open or raise. All poker games have a minimal play limit, a stated optimum limit or no limit & a pre-decided playing unit in which bets can be crafted. Usually analysis of the ‘pot limit’ and ‘no limit’ poker is carried out on the basis of composition of the bet, tactics, skills & demeanour needed by the player.

Elements of the Bet

Pot Limit

A pot limit is putting through to the size of the pot. The size of the pot crafts of –
1) Beginning pot, i.e. chips gathered from the earlier rounds.
2) Previous action in recent playing round, i.e. trail.
3) A call from the poker player setting up a raise.
In a pot limit game no poker player can raise higher the size of the pot, however this raise can be lower than the size of the pot as long as it is similar to or more than any earlier raise or bet in the same playing round. If a player makes optimum raise, its known as ‘raising the pot’. In this variant of the poker game, players can bet any quantity up to the size of the pot or whatever quantity they have on hand with them.

No Limit

A poker game played with a no limit gambling structure permits each player to raise the bet by any quantity up to his entire left over stake at any period. The limit is just on the minimum side, that is, any play must be as enormous as the ‘big blind’ and any raise need to be at least as huge as the last bet at the game. Each player begins with a particular minimum amount & is permitted to bet any amount over and above the preliminary amount during any part of the poker game. When a player bets all that he has on the table, is ‘all-in’.

Tactics, Talents & Demeanour

Pot Limit

Here, the players are aware of the optimum limit of playing, so they can set their tactics appropriately. Here the arithmetical intricacies of the pot odds require to grasp completely, as the risks and rewards are the consequence of the pot size. The primary goal of each player is to place as few chips into the pot as likely when the player has a losing hand, and vice-versa. If the bets are narrowing so are the rewards.

No Limit

The no limit poker is more a game of demeanour and talent and one’s capability to judge the patterns of the competitors which need different tactics and moves to increase one’s victories. You have to figure out how your competitors are going to respond to each hand. A good player will make distinct decisions in similar circumstances against the same player, to prevent the chances of being read by others. You can even manipulate your competitors by using your abilities without even allowing them know. Here, a player’s objective is to get his competitors to put as much amount into the pot as likely when he has the best hand. This variant of poker is connecting with higher stakes and larger risks.

Bluffing can be a part of both the games. But extreme caution must be applied so as not to let your competitors know of it. So keep altering your tactics and be attentive to your opponents’ steps.

Happy playing!

The Joker…

…….The Card of Opportunity, the “Wild Card”

One of the mysterious cards in the deck is the joker.

Snuggled between the Ace of Hearts♥ and the King of Spades♠ lies the elusive Joker!

“Joker” card is believed to be discovered by American Euchre players who, while revising the rules of poker games sometimes during 1860s, decided that an extra trump card is needed at the game. Joker was initially called as “the best bower” and later “the jolly joker” or “the little joker”. Around this time, other innovations and developments began to appear in the card. Like rounded corners instead of the squared corners and other types of corner indices.

The extra cards

These joker cards were the extra cards. And were first introduced into the American pack of cards in 1863. It took several more years to reach the English pack of cards, in around 1880. One British manufacturer, named Chas Goodall, was manufacturing packs of cards with Jokers for the American market in 1870’s.

This Joker card is capable of almost nothing and almost anything, depending on the rules of the game you are playing. It has suggested by someone named Dianne Longley in 1999. The Joker is the ‘wild-card’, or the card of opportunity.

This is not unlike the philosophy of chances and uniqueness which has been the driving force behind America’s pursuit of prominence.   Some historians have seen the Joker as a successor of the “Fool of Italian tarot cards”. And in some of the 19th century tarot sets. The Fool depicted as a buffoon or harlequin.

A number of early Jokers particularly designed, along with special Aces of Spades, as part of the company’s brand identity. Therefore, they can also be a help in identification. Many poker games players largely fascinated in certain cards such as Jokers, Aces of Spades, unique backs, court cards, etc. The Joker card has also turned into a collector’s item for its interesting history and evolution.

Happy playing!

The Psychological Attributes Of Good Online Poker Players

Poker is not merely a casino game of skill but a game of the intellect as well. Psychology plays a large part in this remarkably competitive casino influenced game. Poker has been out there for a while and there are many concepts about how to play poker. Today, we are going to concentrate on the psychological traits of what makes a good poker player. We will evaluate every trait so that you can put together your own brain for your next poker game. If you wish to turn into a serious and good poker player, you just may want to pay close focus to the info below.


There is nothing at all more crucial than being intelligent when it comes to play online poker game. Understanding the concepts of the ins and outs of the poker game before sitting down to the table is a smart approach. There are so many distinct resources out there nowadays that will help you get the most out of your poker game.


Estimating the time to get out of the game is an extremely essential trait to master. This is what various people point to as bankroll management. Numerous players who are new to the poker game have a hard problem with this part of the poker game. When the poker cards are merely not there, numerous try to bluff their way out!

While bluffing is a thing you should master, it’s not something you should entirely rely on. Rather, players should be able to evaluate the situation and find out when it’s point to fold. This self-discipline ought to be practiced regardless of what size the pot may be. Having discipline will enable you keep your bankroll in check to ensure that you will have funds to keep playing poker when your opponents have lost it all.

Capacity to Deal with Defeat

Let’s face it, every poker player regardless of how good they are, still get defeated big from occasionally. The capability to deal with this defeat and get back in the poker game is what is valuable. Many players just can’t handle a significant defeat and most give up on the poker game entirely. But if you wish to achieve triumph and build back the bankroll, you are likely to have to get out there and play poker.

The poker game can be challenging. But with the right attitude, even the greenest of poker players can learn how to turn into a pro. Keep in mind that when you just don’t have the poker cards, it’s most likely not worth wasting your bankroll on a losing hand of poker. So, ensure to keep what you have discovered here today in the back of your mind. This info will enable you outwit other players and boost your victory at the same time.

Happy playing!