The Hand You Never Play from Middle Position

online poker

You are sitting in middle of deal and you look down at AJ and you think you have a monster. Any poker player need to think again before you throw those chips into the middle of the online poker table. You are sitting on a hand that has you set up for nothing but heartache. When you are sitting on AJ in middle position, let it go. 

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of beginner players make is flat calling an early raise with AJ. The only time you really should do this in this spot is if you suit. If you don’t hit your flush or are on a flush draw, in pretty bad shape even if A hits. Now you are in position where you may raise or call hand down and still end up with a loser. 

You are really going to know your table mates and be very careful if you are in after a raise. online poker real money players have to look at position as it dictates what kind of hands people are going to raise. You have to know the player to decide if they are capable of playing any two cards or they are playing PokerLion. If they are a steady player and fire at the flop and turn, you are looking at a loser. 

Facing an early raise 

You are in an even worse scenario when the high card on the board is a J. You are pretty much obligated to play poker out the hand and once again, you could be starting down the barrel of a shotgun. Again, you are facing an early raise and other than the AK that may have made the raise. But you very well may be looking at AA, KK or QQ. 

When you are in this spot and either raise or bet after a check, the move from the other player is going to be come back over the top of you. Now you are faced with a decision for your chips. And you have to decide if you are going to put your faith in nothing more than JJ. 

Consider the incidents

One thing a lot of players fail to register at this very moment is that they were coming in against a raise and then you were check raised. Before making a knee jerk bet, consider what just happened. You made a bet that basically told the other player that you had hit our jack. They have to figure you for AJ or KJs from the position that you made original call from. They know what you have; it is a matter of you realizing what they have. 

If they make a strong move over top of you, you can be all but assured that their original raise was with an over pair and they are playing against your emotions that you will automatically push back on their bet. It is the perfect trap and the only way that you can avoid it is by NOT playing AJ in the first place. 

Happy playing!