Tips for Playing Shorthanded Online Poker

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Online Poker has been going strong years after years in the recent days. The MoneyMaker boom is still going strong, but the game of poker overall has changed a lot over these past years. Poker just like anything else goes thorough cycles. When the online poker boom first started sit and go tournaments and multi-table tournaments were all the rage. Then gradually players started to realize that even though the tournament guys get all the glory, the cash game players make more of the money. 

As Players started drifting towards more cash games, the games got tougher and a new cycle started, the shorthanded games started becoming more popular. For an experienced disciplined poker player, shorthanded online poker India games are very profitable. 

The reason shorthanded poker games have grown in popularity is like we mentioned above, they are simply a more profitable game. Players get to see more hands against a full 9 or 10 player table. They get to make more decisions per hour than full table. And many players do not know how to adjust to playing a shorthanded game. 

Opening up your hand range 

As we mentioned above, experienced players can make a killing play poker online tables with players that do not know how to adjust to the shorthanded format. When you are playing shorthand poker games you can raise with much weaker hands than you normally would in a full ring game with 9 or 10 players.  

Raising with weaker hands in poker online games is pretty standard and confuses the less experienced players. In shorthand value changes dramatically from a full ring game. In a full ring game AJs and 88+ are standard raising hands whereas suited connectors and weaker hands in general are perfect for shorthanded play. 

The Importance of Position 

Position is another aspect of shorthand play that changes dramatically from full ring games. In full ring games you must be very selective about what hands you play, and from what position. 

In a short-handed online poker real money Texas Hold’em game position is much less important against a full table game. Now, we are not saying that position is meaningless, but it takes on a new aspect in the shorthand games because there are fewer players and you will often be playing pots heads up against other player. Also, since there are only 6 players at the poker table, you will be in the blind much more often than full ring games. 

Adjusting to Poker aggression 

The biggest adjustment for new players trying their hand at online poker games is the increased aggression of these games. They love putting pressure on players and know how to do it. Of course every poker style has a counter attack that will stop it. So don’t think that shorthand is all about crazy aggression. But it is about well-timed aggression and strategy. If you can handle this style of play, then you can take advantage of the unsuspecting players that think they know how to handle the shorthanded format. 

Happy playing!