Why do people like to play poker game?

online poker games

The object of online poker game is to win money. That’s it – that is your goal. This is the reason most people play poker, whether online or in casinos. 

And this is what you will get to see written and spoken by many poker experts, in the magazines, blogs, articles, videos and other mediums, where it is repeated again and again that poker has been played since ages for money. It has been a chant for people.  

But, it is not true! People don’t play poker to win cash merely. Of course, we all like to win and definitely hope to win when we take our seat at poker table. But you know, we don’t really think that winning money is why millions of poker player play the game. 

Play poker for fun 

Many folks play best online poker as they like to play poker. They normally play for fairly small stakes, generally Limit, but a handful of will venture into No-Limit games. 

This category represents the majority of poker players. We would guess that around 65% or 75% of players fall into this category. They are there to have a fantastic time. They win occasionally, but mostly they lose. 

Even those people who are a little bit better than the others lose as, in the long term, the rake and the tips bite them up. However that’s okay. 

For some it’s fun plus ego 

These players share a whole lot with the first group, however there’s an additional element here. On their behalf the game has a competitive edge to it. They enjoy that skill and hard work play a role and they understand, at times deeply, that they are simply going to win if they research and pay attention. Once again, winning is necessary but the money is really a sign of achievement. 

They can be discovered playing at all levels, from small stakes to the nosebleeds. Also, they are quite definitely into having a good time and losses are certainly not a problem if the encounter was satisfying. 

Fun and spending money a little 

These are the little serious sort of players, who like to engage in one or two hand of online poker for fun as well as for earning money a little. These players research about the game to play it strategically. They spend time in reading about the strategies and tips of poker. These players have the goal of beating the game, make a little cash but still have fun. 

Happy playing!