Earn Huge Cash with Poker Online Games

poker online

If you have caught the poker bug, well then good for you! The world of poker online games has matured and how! These days, various poker tournaments held both online and in live. Poker are a testament to the fact that poker games are here to stay. An increasing number of people are being attracted to poker games because of the cash potential involved. When you play online poker games, you stand to win massive amounts of cash in the process. If you want to know how to accomplish this, read on.

Two options

When it comes to poker games online, there are two ways to go about it. One is called live poker where you play in person with other poker players. The other option is called online poker and here you play in front of the computer against other seasoned poker players.

Bonuses galore

Most poker online India games offer you a vast array of bonuses, which you can easily cash out once you register. These bonuses are offered by the poker sites in exchange for you to play a couple of poker games on their site. The bonus acts as an incentive for choosing the particular poker site instead of some other site. Whilst you always have the option to clear your bonus and check out later on as well as never come back to the site, chances are you will stick on to the poker site as a loyal customer.

Clearing the bonus

Most novice online poker real money players login to find a huge amount of bonus money waiting in the system but which is not yet available to play with. This should not shock you because in order to play with the money, you need to clear the poker bonus first. The only way to clear the poker bonus is by playing poker games on the poker site for a fixed timeframe. This is a measure to prevent poker players from clearing their bonuses instantly without even playing the poker games on the site. This particular prerequisite before clearing the poker bonus is an assurance for the poker site that the money being offered is a worthwhile investment.

Playing raked hands

In order to clear the best online poker bonus, you need to play a fixed amount of hands raked. The number will be decided by the amount of poker bonuses you have been offered by this site. It is not necessary to really see the hand for it to count as a raked hand. As long as the cards are being dealt and a flop happens, it is sufficient to count as raked hands.

Tournament games

In the earlier days, it was not possible to clear poker bonuses by playing poker tournaments. However, these days this restriction has been relaxed. Thus, nowadays you can also clear your poker bonuses by playing in poker tournaments. In such poker tournaments you get player points, which are an intrinsic part of all poker loyalty programs. And you can then redeem these points for free merchandise or poker tournament entries as your bonus.

Happy playing!


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