Limping in when Playing Online Poker Pocket Aces

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A lot of online poker players still ask whether pocket aces is the strongest hand you can get, and what do you do with them. Do you raise when you have A-A or do you limp in? 

Hold pocket aces for long 

Some players will say that they want a suited J-10 more than a pair of aces. In some cases like in deep stack games where a player holding A-A might play them poorly. This might hold water against a good player in a good position holding a J-10. But of course there is also great chance the bad player holding A-A may also lose when holding a J-10. 

If you have been playing poker online and use a tracker, you might believe that J-10 is not better than pocket aces. Live players do have this tendency to play A-A badly. One way to play poker hand bad is to hold them for so long even though you know that they are not any good. 

Do not play pocket aces timidly 

Another big mistake when playing pocket aces is to play them timidly. You cannot have the mind set of winning some and losing a lot or it will be very prophetically true. When you limp in with your pocket aces you will be go for damage control after the flop. You misjudge the value of your hand. You do not squeeze out money out of your opponents. And you make weak bets, and you do not go for value bets. Even when you play your aces in online poker real money wrong, you still can make a lot of money with them than your suited J-10. 

So do you raise preflop or limp in? There’s a lot going for it when you assert your power with your pocket aces but in certain situations depending on the opponents of play poker online game and the size of the stack, limping-in may also be good. If you think you are a better player than your opponent and the scenario does not give you anything unfavorable, then raising is always the better choice. 

Happy playing!