Online Poker – Impress Your Friends with these Hacks

online poker

While you might have played online poker for fun loads of time, the world of this skill game is a lot more than sunglasses to shield your eyes. And the power of bluffing – becoming a truly good player, be it for fun or for something serious, takes much more effort than simply knowing how to read your opponent’s face.

Whether you’re hosting a poker night with your friends, you’re curious about how to get into poker online, or you’d like to make a mark in a professional tournament. Notice a few tips and tricks to confidently build your own strategies and impressing your friends in no time.

Start with basics

A lot of people immediately think they’re going to look for tells or see if someone’s bluffing or if they can catch them. We would definitely not recommend doing that. Instead, focus on the basics of the game.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Mathematics

You don’t have to be a math whiz to excel at poker. Many experts are not good at math but that doesn’t stop them from excelling in the game. Online poker India fans can still catch the experts tapping their fingers on the table during a game. It gets very simple, very quickly – it’s just addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, that’s it.

Find Both Friends and a Mentor

Finding both a peer who is starting out at the same level as you, and someone who is better than you – even if it’s just a friend who has been playing for years – is vitally important if you really want to improve your online poker real money game. You can clarify your own thought process by explaining and talking through to other people. It’s really important to get into the habit of talking and discussing with those who are on the same level as you, and those who know more.

Forget Your Ego

Leave your ego at the door! The thing that kills so many play poker online players comes down to ego – either calling out their chips in a spot where they shouldn’t. They think they can’t be bluffed or bluffing off their chips in a spot where they shouldn’t in an attempt to look more macho. It just gets in the way of logic and understanding.

Get Into Good Personal Habits

While it shouldn’t just come down to whether or not you pursue poker, taking good care of your body and mind is vital to excelling at just about anything you go after. You should be exercising, eating well, and sleeping.

Don’t Play Above Your Bankroll

According to most of the experts, playing too high can be both dangerous and the downfall of beginner players. It’s important to organically work your way up.

Read, Read, Read

Reading is utterly important to learn the game. Some books by poker experts are actually not about poker. However, these can be really useful when applied to the world of poker as it shows you how to think logically.

Spend Some Time Online

There is nothing like playing online for getting hand per volume and when you’re just starting out, it’s so important to just get the hands, it helps you look at a lot of different situations, to help recognize patterns, and to look at with your coaches – because you can record your games to go over at a later time.

Happy playing!


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