Playing with a Fish and Winning the Poker Online Game

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Common advice for good poker online strategy is to find a table that fits your level of poker. Contradictory to this it is also common to be told to play against fish to make a lot of money. For those players that are the so-called fish, this doesn’t seem fair. But then again, most poker players do start out as beginners in the shallow waters. Poker is, to most, about making money and therefore it is not a minor thing to understand the importance of winning lots of money by playing against weaker players.

Playing for Money

Today poker online has many similarities to sports. The big poker events are followed all over the world and it is a known fact that the people who do well in these competitions become very rich. To say that poker isn’t about money would be an understatement but it is up to the individual player just how important the money is and should be. One thing is for sure, more money can get you into bigger cash games and bigger events. Not everyone can win a free seat though a satellite in order to participate in the tournaments with larger prize sums. Playing against fish can be a great way to get ready for a higher level of poker play assuming that you are beating them good and well.

What about the Good Game?

If poker is like a sport, shouldn’t a good and interesting game be just as important as the money? It might be true that a professional best online poker player finds it a great deal more entertaining around a table with other poker stars but face it, without a sizeable prize pot poker just won’t be the same excitement it is today. Playing against fish can also be good practice since the games are played out much faster. Seeing common mistakes over and over gives a better insight into the game even if a player wouldn’t make them himself. The practice is always valuable and many games give more confidence and certainly when they are played against fish that are bound to make more mistakes and lose their money to you.

Finding the Fish

Poker rooms with fish are not hard to find and you will not have to sweat much to locate them. Most online poker room reviews rate how “fishy” a certain online poker real money room is. The larger the network a poker room is connected to the greater are the chances of finding many beginner players.

If the poker room is connected to an online casino it is also likely that regular casino players drop in every now and then making the games easier. Some poker rooms try to direct the players to the tables most suitable for their level and this could also be a way to go straight to a beginner table. It is also good to check out what other poker players say in online poker forums.

Depending on specific events or promotions it could be of specific benefit to visiting a poker room that normally wouldn’t draw as many beginners and this kind of information is best found in online poker groups or forums.

Predicting the Game

Some will claim that playing against fish could be tricky because beginners make so many mistakes that their game becomes unpredictable. This is both true and false. Playing in a tougher game doesn’t mean that it is easier predictable even if you can count on the absence of obvious beginner mistakes. While fish do play without logic sometimes, they do very often repeat the same mistakes. If you stick to one poker room you might even get to know exactly what mistakes that specific individuals make and then you are a great deal ahead when you sit down by the table with them.

Is it fair?

Is it fair to go after the fish for money? This question is probably asked by pros and beginners alike. In poker anything that stays within the frame and rules of the game is fair. Fish will have to deal with the fact that as long as they don’t improve their game, they are easy to target for sharks. This could and should be a reason to try and become a better poker player and in the end, it benefits all involved.

Happy playing!


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