Some Signs that you are an Online Poker Addict

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You will know or have inkling that you are having a bad day playing online poker when you suddenly decide that you want to play another game. 

It may sound quite funny or even ridiculous but not for those who are in that situation. Because ultimately, it is not love about the game that we are talking about here but it is already an addiction to best online poker playing. Reviewing the statistics in the case, there are about four to seven percent of individuals that are playing in casinos who are already considered poker playing addicts. But sad to say, only a few people understand the danger that lies in this situation. 

Most people who have this addiction in online poker real money playing have no idea. It becomes a disease that people have a hard time getting rid of. 

So what are the symptoms of a poker online addiction? Some players indulge in high stakes gaming for many hours a day but still cannot be called compulsive poker players because they still know how to control themselves. Even a player that loses a lot of money at a casino once in a while still cannot be categorized as a poker playing addict. 

You became a statistic once you forgot to draw the line between wagering your money and poker playing to live. Some addicts began thinking that even if they would lose all of their money while playing, they could still borrow money from friends that they even spend in poker playing again the next night, thinking that they could double their money in poker playing recovering all their loses. 

Communicate the problem 

Online poker India playing addicts began relying on that situation. Borrow money from most of their friends and family. And even online strangers just to survive and play on a day to day basis. 

But they usually lose all of their money immediately because they have no patience and are constantly on the lookout on how can they have a quick fix. When you have come to this point, what is the usual thing to do? 

There are a lot of groups that help people who are already experiencing this type of problemThese groups main keys on solving the problem of poker playing are communication, talking about the problem and supporting one another. 

Some of the questions that you can ask yourself if you already suspect that you have a poker playing problem are: Did you ever leave school or your work in favour of poker playing? Did poker playing affect your personal life at home? Have you ever felt remorseful after poker playing? Did you try poker playing so that you could pay out your debts or to solve any problems involving money? 

Determine on whether you are a compulsive poker player or not and then take positive action. 

Happy playing!