Distract Poker Opponent through Poker Chip Tricks

Whether you are playing poker online or playing in the casino for a live match, you may have your own particular chip tricks. These tricks you can simply use as a trump card to distract your opponent at the poker table. Basically, using poker chip tricks to distract the opponents has proven successful to numerous online poker players.  

Let’s take a look on a few poker chip tricks which you can practice easily while you are playing poker tournaments. 

Chip Shuffle 

This trick is where you take 2 stacks of chips. And use your fingers to splice them together into 1 big stack. You should start off doing 6-8 chips, so have stacks of 3-4 chips that are touching each other. You thumb goes onto the left lower side of the left stack. Your index finger should go in between the 2 stacks and touch the chips where the chips meet. Your middle and ring fingers go on the right side of the right stack of chips. Continue reading “Distract Poker Opponent through Poker Chip Tricks”

Real Life Benefits of Playing Online Poker

Many of you love to play poker online for fun. Others treat it as a serious business. Whichever camp you belong to, the benefits of playing poker don’t stop when you log out. Here are four things poker makes you better at. 

Clear Thinking 

Making decisions based on logic, rather than emotion, will help you in all aspects of life. Poker trains this skill by giving you more rewards when you play optimally, and punishing you when you go on tilt. Superstition will not get you very far in this game. 


Poker is a social game, even when you play poker online India. The learning process will put you in contact with a number of people who can help you get better at the game; you’ll need to express yourself clearly to prove that you’re thinking clearly. Continue reading “Real Life Benefits of Playing Online Poker”

3 Simple Tips for Poker Sit & Go Tournament

When it is time to play a small online poker game, what is your choice: tournaments or cash games? Each format has its benefits, but you can get the best of both worlds by playing Sit & Go’s. With the Sit & Go poker game, you can mold your schedule to fit your needs, just as cash games, and you get all the advantages of tournament poker, including the option to play multi tables at the same time. 

If you are rather new to poker, a basic Sit & Go tournament strategy will help you get the most out of these games. You will have the chance to work with different stack depths and figure out the moves you require making. And you will be playing against fairly easy competition, particularly at the lower buy-in events. Here are the key things to keep in mind the next time you play Sit & Go online poker India. 

Keep It Tight Early 

There is not much motivation to go after chips in the early stages of a Sit & Go. Unless you have got quality starting hand in early position, or a sensibly good hand in late position, consider folding. Continue reading “3 Simple Tips for Poker Sit & Go Tournament”

Optimizing Your Approach For Success In Poker

Getting success in the poker game needs an exceptionally objective approach. You must analyze decisions rationally, receptive to fresh ideas and be self-critical. Being able to evaluate and develop your own poker game in this way translates to confident decision making. Confidence is the key element of a strong approach for the game.

Let’s have a discussion about how these elements make for a strong poker approach.

Failing to Analyze Your Own Game Objectively

In poker, you just cannot develop while being unaware of your own errors—the first step of developing is recognizing your loose points and being receptive to new ideas. But many players are too confident in their online poker game, which stops them from taking this step. And, mockingly, this is almost certainly most true of already-winning players, who have decent reasons to be confident. The trick is, then, to be just as meticulous as you are confident.

As any pro poker player can tell you, there might come a time when you feel you’ve learned almost all you need to know, only to discover a new notion that exposed more depth and intricacy in the game. Simply put, it is vital to never feel like you’ve perfected your poker tactic. So long as no-limit games remain un-solved there will be space for development.

Tips for developing an objective mind

Defy being over-confident about your own game

If an opponent makes a move in the poker online session which you wouldn’t have made, pause to think about what she did. You may wrap up that his play was sub-optimal, or even completely wrong, but you will have arrived at that end by thinking sensibly about it. Or, maybe you’ll find out his play was, in fact, better than what you would have done, in which case you’ve learned a bit new.

View strong competition as a learning experience

Likewise, rather than viewing your strongest opponents as foes, view them as players who you can learn from. Adjusting your attitude in this way will help you to see and adopt strategies that your opponents have shown to be useful.

Just remember always that poker is a complex game. Different lines can be useful and to diverse degrees in distinctive situations. Just by keeping your mind open, you will be able to analyze the numerous decisions you can make towards encouraging a strong overall strategy.

Lacking Confidence in Your Game

While being self-critical is the key for being a great poker player, you must also be sure in your judgment making.

Tips for being more confident

Learn to accept that you are not going to win each and every game.

Learn to accept the fact that not every game is meant to win by you. When you play an online poker game, there can be lots of ups and downs. Face them and accept that you will lose many of the played poker games.

Reassure yourself often

Repeatedly cheer up yourself that so long as you are assessing your own plan objectively you can be certain of your decisions. This will help you to build and preserve confidence about your plays, even when they don’t work out. For instance, if you get called after making a bluff using the ideal blockers, and in a spot that favours your range, you can move on from the position knowing that you made a carefully planned decision irrespective of the result.

If you struggle with making determined but effective plays, find ways to support yourself of their efficiency. Try to recall a time when you productively over-bet bluffed, for instance—when you knew your opponent would have to fold or make a call.

Thinking about the Poker Dream

Every aspiring poker player dreams to play poker game, win it and be a successful poker player. It’s good to have goals. They keep you enthused, so you can put in the work essential to make the dream turn out.

But, there is so much more for being a great and successful poker player than making loads of money. Think about the things this way: winning a game is merely a result of playing great poker. Tough though it might be, you require thinking the big picture to become a great player, which means learning to forget about the dream and be utmost dedicated to strategy planning.

To sum up, you should strive for a mindset tailored for poker success. Towards that end, a few key components of that approach are:

  • Think objectively about your game and your opponents’ games.
  • Build and maintain confidence in your decisions as a result of that thinking.
  • Focus on strategy, not monetary results, to become a great poker player.

Good luck at the tables!