10 Richest Online Poker Player around the World

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Professional poker players are capable of earning a massive amount of cash. Whether they are taking part in the world championship or playing online poker games, there are numerous ways they can win big amounts.

There are many wealthy actors, bankers and other professionals who play poker and may be worth more than some of the players listed below. However, all the people on our list earned their wealth through poker alone.

Listed below are the 10 richest poker players. Have a read on them:

Sam Farha – Net Worth $100 M

Most of the poker online enthusiasts know Sam Farha as the man who lost to Chris Moneymaker during the poker world tournament in 2003. He has won more than $2.5 million at numerous poker tournaments.

Phil Ivey – Net Worth $100 M

One of the top names in both the best online poker and offline poker and 10 times winner of the world championship, Phil Ivey has surpassed his $19,50,000 winning through live poker tournaments.

Chris Ferguson – Net Worth $80 M

A controversial figure in the world of poker, Chris Ferguson has won over $6.5 million in poker tournaments. His net worth is still high in the world of online poker games.

Doyle Brunson – Net Worth $75 M

A legend in the world of poker, Brunson is another important addition in this list. He retired from the world of poker in 2018, receiving a standing ovation from fellow poker players.

Daniel Negreanu – Net Worth $50 M

Thanks to his impressive poker skill from a young age, Daniel has also the nickname of Kid Poker. He has over $17 million poker tournament earnings.

Erik Seidel – – Net Worth $41.9 M

Erik was formerly a Wall Street trader and turned to professional poker shark winning over $5.5 million from the poker tournaments.

Antonio Esfandiari – Net Worth $27 M

With over $22 million from the poker live tournaments winning, Antonio is said to be the powerhouse in the professional poker circuit. He was a professional magician before coming to the world of poker.

Joe Hachem – Net Worth $16 M

He is the first Australian to win the poker world championship in 2005. Joe Hachem is a chiropractor turned poker pro. He has won for $8.5 million at the poker tournaments.

Jennifer Harman – Net Worth $15 M

She is the only female poker player on this list. The mother of twin boys, Harman has won over $2 million at the poker tournaments. However, she prefers private games where she can win more money.

Phil Hellmuth – Net Worth $12 M

Hellmuth became the youngest person to win the world championship in 1989. This is a record that stood for almost 20 years. He has won numerous accolades at the poker tournaments.

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