8 Play Poker Tactics for Newbies

play poker

Too many newcomers to the game don’t understand how veteran rounders play their hands, and more often than not end up losing a lot of the time. And while that’s no different to learning any other sport (practice makes perfect, as they say), there are countless Play poker online guides out there that will provide you with the information necessary to compete against the big boys.

While the rules of poker are simple and the game itself is quite accessible, success typically requires more skill than luck. There’s a wisdom there that we can take from the game and apply to the startup life.

So, if you’re looking to win a big pot, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Calculate the odds

The best online poker players calculate two kinds of odds before playing: the Pot Odds (or the ratio of money to put divided by the money to gain – the Pot itself) and Card Odds (the probability to have a winning hand). Anytime the Pot Odds are higher than the Card Odds, the hand is worth playing.

Don’t fall in love with your hand

Sometimes, in a game of Texas Hold’em, players imagine they’ll get a monster hand when all they get are promising cards. When the flop, turn and river are revealed, their dreams crash to earth. Novice players tend to stick with their original assumptions and behave as their good fortune is due. Experts cold-bloodedly re-assess the situation.

Use Probe Bets

Good players sometimes bet money while they know they have very little chance of winning. They push a ‘probe bet’ only to discover what the other players may have, and often fold if they meet resistance.

Take meaningful details into account, but no others

Playing a hand isn’t just a matter of the cards you hold. It’s also about the positions of other players, the stack’s size and a million other things. World-class players take those into account but can learn to disregard the irrelevant details (e.g. your opponent may look like a moron, but you shouldn’t take for granted that he is one).

The money you’ve already spent is irrelevant

Bad online poker players think ‘I’ve already put a lot of money on this hand, I can’t fold now’. Good players don’t care; they make an assessment of the present situation and don’t look back.

Figure out which hands you can beat

When you play a hand, it’s crucial to keep in mind what you’re able to beat (as well as what can beat you), and how likely your opponents are to have them, based on their actions.


While you need to move on from money you’ve spent, hang on tightly to your past actions. Good players – both in the online poker real money and startup worlds – are acute observers and devote considerable efforts in understanding the behaviour and style of other players. The successes and failures of your past endeavours provide considerable experience. Spend the necessary time to analyze them, understand how customers, investors or competitors reacted, and why.

And never, ever, make the same mistake twice.

Manage your bankroll

If you systematically gamble all you have, you’ll be finished ruined, sooner or later. Your talent may delay the outcome, but it won’t prevent it. Alternatively, if you only gamble small amounts, you relinquish opportunities by limiting your gains.

Happy playing!


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