Five Poker Terms Commonly Used

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As beginners, when reading poker literature or playing game in online poker games, we will encounter poker terms sounding strange. A major part of understanding the basics of poker and making winning strategies is to be familiar with poker term. 


First and foremost, we should understand the online poker term “Hand.” The 2 cards that dealers deal each player at the start are called a hand. Another poker term for this is “Hole Cards” or “Pocket Cards.” “Starting hands,” another poker term, are the first 2 cards we hold dealt by the dealer which we may decide to fold or play. When they are good enough to play, they become a “playable hand,” another poker term 


Among the frequently mentioned poker term is the Blinds. Blinds forced bets that 2 players immediately left of the dealer makes before cards dealt. The first player (also called the small blind) makes the small blind bet. And the second player next to the small blind is the big blind who makes the big blind bet. Note with this poker term that the big blind bet is the minimum bet and the small blind bet is half of this bet. 

Board Cards 

“Board Cards” are cards the dealer deals on the table. Another play poker online term for this is community cards. Board cards – 3 face-up cards placed on the table. Any player can make use of them to make a 5-card hand. This poker term is also commonly known as the board. Hence, when it says “the board shows” or “the board comes 10K” this means the dealer dealt face-up cards jack, 10, and king on the table. 


A Draw is a poker online term used when we need to take a helpful card from the board to improve our hand. If we have 10 clubs and 9 heart, and a board Q heart, J spade, and 2 diamond, we need to draw an 8 or a king. Hence, this poker term is good news especially when we have a flush or straight draw. 


The “Flop” is another online poker India term to refer to the dealing of the board cards. This poker term has three kinds: “pre-flop” is anything happening in the game before the flop, “on the flop” is the act of dealing the 3 cards, and “post flop” is anything happening after the flop is dealt. 

These 5 poker terms are most common in poker. Such poker term is commonly used online poker games. 

Happy playing!