Know About the Basic Online Poker Strategy

online poker

Your purpose when playing online poker games is to beat the other players, not to get the best winning hand. If the other players fold you take all the pot.

A poker player shouldn’t have a regular, predictable method of playing. Try to avoid consecutive games. Watch the way your opponents play poker and try to decide who is a tight player and who is a loose one. Try to perceive the game strategy of your opponent and use poker strategy to your advantage.

The basics of the online poker India strategy are following — you need to increase the amount of money you win or reduce down to the minimum the amount of money you lose. It seems pretty easy but you need to remember one rule: you will lose more if you frequently call and raise bets; you will win not much money if you make the other players fold.

Never try to win the player who is much better than you. Even if you win you will hardly win much but you can lose badly.

Cards in your hands

There’s a great chance that you can’t improve your initial combination. It should be mentioned that the better opener you have the more chances you have to win the game.

Two aces in the opening cards don’t mean immediate raise of the bets. In most cases, if you raise the bets before the cards are dealt your opponents don’t normally fold but call your bet. Deuces or other low pairs normally never bring any profit in Hold’em. The chances to catch another two from the five board cards equal to 4.2:1. Your chances to get it are only 19%.

If you don’t have any winning combination in your hands you’d better fold and wait for the next deal.

If your cards are not bad try to do all you can to make the pot grow as much as possible. The more players are at the table the more chances that one of them or even more players have a better hand.


Bluff is also very important in the best online poker. On the one hand, everything should be done to make your opponents never be able to read your cards or guess your intentions during the game. But, of course, the idea of “bluff for bluff sake” shouldn’t become the major one for you. You should try to make your opponents believe that you really have a winning hand and make them fold due to your bluff.

You should bluff at the particular moment of the game to bluff successfully. If nobody folded while you were bluffing it means your bluff didn’t go, it’s more likely that your opponents did have a winning hand. Successful bluffing takes you closer to the poker elite.

Never forget the pot amount. In case the pot is small the players might fold and on the contrary, if the pot is huge it’s less likely the player will fold. Don’t bluff with a loose player. He won’t fold and you lose your money. Tight players tend to fold. But be careful if this kind of player calls you he might more than likely have a winning hand.

Happy playing!


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