Online Poker – Observe your Opponents and then Play

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Many players spend hours perfecting their online poker by, reading up on strategy posts, striving to become more accomplished players. Allowing them to gain themselves an edge against their competitors, but many players overlook the importance of sitting back. And studying the other opponents around your table. This is to try and give yourself a better insight into the hands they may be holding. And what they intend on doing with these hands both Pre-Flop and Post Flop.

When They Drop Their Guard

Some reactions are impossible to hide this includes situations where an opponent has already made their mind up 100%. And therefore, are no longer bothered with the other best online poker around the table this can be shown for someone who is about to fold. It is by showing a blatant lack of interest in the action that is unfolding in front of them. And sometimes have their cards in their hand ready to throw them away.

Many players think that you are not watching them, or alternatively just don’t care if you are. As a winning player it is crucial to pay attention to these periods of time. As this is the perfect opportunity for you to gain a little insight into your opponents. Any time you see the opponents do anything that is out of the ordinary this is done for a reason; it is up to you to try and understand the reason behind this action.

This is an example to try and illustrate our point. Say you are at a table holding A,Q I make a raise in a Late Position Pre-Flop. There is one caller the flop comes over 5,9,3 off suit my opponent. Then looks at their cards before deciding to check this movement along gives them the confidence. They need to know they am in front of the hand.

Identify between the two types of player

This is for a number of reasons. If the player has to look at their card once the flop comes down this tends to mean that they do not have a hand of any importance such as a big pocket pair or an ace with any kicker up to a 10, it also means that they have not noticed a card on the flop that they see in their own hand another possibility is that the player has hit one of the cards that has appeared on the flop thus giving them the winning hand. You do have to be careful of this put this type of play. It will be employed by a more experienced. And better player so therefore should be easy to identify between the two types of player.

Trying to gain a read like this can be the deciding factor on whether to carry on or fold a marginal hand or a hand you are doubt full over.

Actions When Other Players Are Observing

Players who know that they are under constant supervision start to panic somewhat, and make some uncharacteristic and unusual moves. Things like laughs and twitches among other can tell you a story you just have to try and understand what that story is. A player that has the nuts or a new inexperienced player who also thinks they have the nuts, (but in reality, only have top pair) will react in exactly the same way.

It if from here that you have to again look into the way the player has been playing previous, ask yourself if the player is more experienced and fully understands the concepts of online poker real money game, or are they just a new player who is getting excited at the prospect of winning their first pot of real money. It is from here that you will be better able to gauge a read on your opponent, you will have to try and figure out what their reactions are telling you to do and do the reverse. This is a hard concept and skill to acquire but once you get to grips with it, it can become a deadly weapon in your arsenal.

Happy playing!

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