Poker Bluffing – A Brilliant Guide to Winning

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A well-timed bluff is the mark of the successful online poker player, but most novices do not know how to do it correctly. 

Bluffing is one of the most important skills you can learn when you play poker and adds that touch of excitement that makes best online poker famous, but you need to know when to do it correctly and that’s what this post is all about. 

Whenever you see poker in films the players always seem to bluff and win big and this makes many novice players think they can win by bluffing all the time and they can’t. 

Poker bluffing is a skill and should be used sparingly. 

If everyone at the table can “read” you, you will never win at all as your bluffing is obvious and you will be hit. 

When do you bluff then? 

Online poker real money bluffing is an art not a science and you need to read the other players and the chances of success your bluff could bring. 

A pro also will know if a bluff is profitable by calculating the odds and the pot size and will also calculate the possibility of his opponent will folding. 

Factors you need to consider when bluffing in poker are: 

  • Knowing your opponents playing style 
  • How the others “see” you and your style 
  • The pot size 
  1. Knowing your opponent:

You have to know your opponent and their style of play. 

Can bluff a strong player and he may fold, but a weak player can call you at any time and ruin your bluff. 

You need to calculate how successful your bluffing is likely to be in relation to how your opponent plays to calculate the odds of success. 

  1. How the others see you:

Determine your overall image. How do others see you? 

If you are planning to bluff, appear serious. It has a better chance of success. You may have been shown to be bluffing recently, and you can also use this to your advantage. 

The other players will be thinking you are bluffing when you are not – Bluffing is all about wrong footing your opponents so always keep this in mind. 

How you “read” the other players: 

Of all the skills you need for online poker India, and especially bluffing, you must know how to “read” the other players, and also the flow of the game 

It will not be easy, but without it you will not know when and how much to bluff. It takes practice and skill, but once learned, you will find yourself winning.. 

  1. Pot Size:

The pot size is also crucial in bluffing. 

You must remember that if the pot is large, the others will call it more often as the odds are better. Where you are sitting (your “position”): 

When bluffing also keep these points in mind as general rules to abide by: 

  1. Bluff tight tables only

Bluffs have a far better chance of success when playing tight tables. On loose tables unless all the “loose players” have already folded and are out of the game, chances are lower. 

  1. Bluff high limit tables only

In low limit games, there’s really no advantage in bluffing at all and you get called so frequently, your chances of success make it not worth it. 

High limits, and of course no limit games, are when bluffing becomes very effective when a player knows how to bluff correctly. 

  1. Bluff from late position only

If everyone is checking, calling or folding in front of you before you play, it’s a good time to go for the pot. It’s not a good idea to bluff from an early position, as you have no idea what potential hands your opponents have. 

Remember poker online bluffing is all about deception. If you are predictable in your bluffing you will lose and if you don’t study your opponent and the pot size and know whether it’s worth bluffing you will lose again. 

However if you can bluff sparingly and when the odds are in your favour you can win and win big pots and it is very satisfying! 

Practice makes perfect 

To become good at poker bluffing is not something you can learn overnight it takes a lot of practice. 

You will find in time you can use it to your advantage and it is an essential tool for any player to master who takes their poker seriously. 

Happy playing!