Poker Online Tips for Playing Multi-Tables

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One of the biggest changes to modern poker online came with the introduction of multi-tabling. Every online poker room makes it possible for its players to play at several tables at the same time. This means that micro limits, which did not represent a reasonable source of winnings in the past, can now be used to actually make money. Taking advantage of the weak level of play there makes more sense now than ever before.

Live poker players and best online poker purists generally regard multi-tabling as yet another exaggeration a generation grown up on massively multiplayer online games have come up with. Their foremost argument is that by having to pay attention to so many tables. One will effectively rob himself of the chance to play his absolute best.

The latter part of this statement is certainly true: you will not be able to bring your absolute best to several online poker India tables at the same time. When multi-tabling though, your absolute best may not even be required. What you need to focus on is to be good enough to compensate the edge. You give up by leaving your best game behind, with the sheer volume of hands that you play.

Give smaller edges

Your edges will be smaller, but they’ll be put to work more often. This means whether you reach a reasonable level of winnings only depends on how many hands you play per hour. This is the mechanism behind successful multi-tabling. You give up a small edge for the chance to gain one which can be as big as you’re capable of making it.

The most difficult stage of learning to play poker at multiple tables is the start of course. Obviously, if you’re having trouble making money at one table, you shouldn’t even consider multi-tabling. If you’re a long-term loser, by playing multiple tables, you will only add to your losses. As soon as you feel confident enough in your ability to handle a single table, you may want to add one more. Don’t forget to sign up for Rakeback before you get to multi-tabling. Playing multiple tables will mean more hands/hour which means you’ll pay a lot more in rake too. You may even want to consider a prop deal, but that may restrict the limits you can play on.

Rake back is essential

Don’t tell yourself that you don’t need to rake back because you’re only a beginner at multi-tabling. Rakeback has nothing to do with actual poker skill. The more of a beginner you are, the more you’ll need it. As soon as you feel comfortable playing at 2 tables. Add one more and don’t be afraid to move back down to fewer tables if you feel overwhelmed at any time.

You are overwhelmed whenever your time out at a table on account of the time you spend on another one. The last thing you want is to give up value on one table because you’re too busy limiting your losses on another. One of the most important skills called upon in multi-tabling is the ability to prioritize.

Whenever you’re multi-tabling, you’ll be confronted with several decisions in a short amount of time. Not all these decisions will be equally difficult though. As a matter of fact, most of the time you’ll be up against easy calls, only a few of your decisions will require more time than the minimum possible. This is why it is important that you’re able to think about one decision while acting automatically on the other tables.

Don’t forget table selection

The fact that you’re playing at 6 tables doesn’t mean you should settle for even one table where making money is next to impossible due to the players there. Use a 4-color deck, organize the layout of your table, minimize the intricacy of the interface and take notes on your opponents. Sitting in the same seat at each of the tables you’re involved in will also help shorten your decision making.

Happy playing!

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