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Bluffing is a part of every poker online game. It is a plain and simple art of pretence that can help increase your odds at winning. Successful bluffers walk away victorious at the end of each poker game.

It takes an enormous amount of talent to bluff your way to the winner’s pot. But it often takes keen observation to reckon when an online poker real money gamer is bluffing. More often than not, buffers aren’t able to take full control of their actions and movements. That is why it’s easy to pursue bluffers through some psychological hints that tell when a gamer plays tricks.

Understanding “Tells”

Most players have certain habits that make they’re bluffing overly obvious. These gestures are more commonly known as “tells”. The latter qualify as giveaways especially when a gambler is a novice poker player. For professional online poker real money players, understanding these “tells” may be a tad difficult to do.

Amongst the most common of tells is when the player acts that he has a strong hand when he is actually holding a losing card combination. As you play poker game, you can learn more “tells” that can help increase your chance of winning.

Behaviours to Watch Out For

There are many behaviours that indicate when your opponent is bluffing.

Melodramatic Raises

It is always a great idea to trace the methods of betting in an online game. It is easier to track players whom you have played with for a long time. But for new opponents, you have to make a correlation between how a player wagers and what type of card he unfolds. More often than not, a bluffer overdoes his actions when he holds a losing hand. However, he might also exaggerate when he’s secure of his cards.

Unexpected Friendliness

You can tell when a player is bluffing if he suddenly becomes friendly in an online game. If the gamer is peculiarly sociable, then that could mean he is bluffing. Be careful in such cases since you do not really know what card he holds.

What Players Do When They Have Good Hand

Some best online poker players would try to convince you that they have a weak hand when they are actually holding a good hand. Here are some time-tested signs that could help you tell they’re bluffing:

Overly Obvious Hints

There are online poker players who exhibit palpable signs of their bluff. This includes gamers who “appear” to be very relaxed and calm despite the intensity of the online game. Another positive sign of a player who is holding a good hand is when he suddenly gets short or irritable with his rivals.

If a player begins to talk in a conversational or easygoing style, this could mean he is bluffing. One of the most apparent hints is when the player starts to act in an indifferent manner.

It is best to come prepared with the list of tells and apply this in your poker games. Start folding once you spot an opponent who displays such signs. In an online game, you are at the most advantage when you keenly observe other gamers as they play.

Happy playing!

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