Poker Tips: Playing Trouble Hands the Right Way

When you chicken out, you may end up not filling a flush. Somehow it is crucial to have that ability to lose in order to win in online poker. 

Most of the times when you think you are in trouble, the other players think they are also in trouble. Trouble situations in poker online are actually opportunities to make some money. You will not win by just playing the no-brainer winnable cards. What you need to do is push your opponents to the edge and make their trouble situations more troublesome. And of course, make sure you are in less trouble. 

You may often lose some hands but not realizing the possible positive outcome of your cards. You often do not take the risk and play them because you really do not know where you are in the game. When you get an AQ or QQ during a loose game of Hold’em then you are in a lot of trouble if you just fix your thoughts on the weakness of the cards. You should consider that the other player who may have suited 2-4 or off suit 7-5 is in deeper trouble. 

Be the expert of handling troublesome situation 

Always take into consideration that trouble can make you some money.  You need to master handling troublesome situation. Great players can squeeze out some money from the other players during tough poker situations 

In Texas Hold’em for example, you can get some pot equity when everyone is in a trouble situation. When the flop does not help anyone, the one with no pair is in trouble and so is the one who will be playing last. Those who are on the blinds are in deep trouble.  Now the best players will make most out of this mess. 

Consider trouble as your winning opportunity as long as you are in lesser trouble compared to the other players around the poker table. 

Happy playing! 

Limping in when Playing Online Poker Pocket Aces

A lot of online poker players still ask whether pocket aces is the strongest hand you can get, and what do you do with them. Do you raise when you have A-A or do you limp in? 

Hold pocket aces for long 

Some players will say that they want a suited J-10 more than a pair of aces. In some cases like in deep stack games where a player holding A-A might play them poorly. This might hold water against a good player in a good position holding a J-10. But of course there is also great chance the bad player holding A-A may also lose when holding a J-10. 

If you have been playing poker online and use a tracker, you might believe that J-10 is not better than pocket aces. Live players do have this tendency to play A-A badly. One way to play poker hand bad is to hold them for so long even though you know that they are not any good. 

Do not play pocket aces timidly 

Another big mistake when playing pocket aces is to play them timidly. You cannot have the mind set of winning some and losing a lot or it will be very prophetically true. When you limp in with your pocket aces you will be go for damage control after the flop. You misjudge the value of your hand. You do not squeeze out money out of your opponents. And you make weak bets, and you do not go for value bets. Even when you play your aces in online poker real money wrong, you still can make a lot of money with them than your suited J-10. 

So do you raise preflop or limp in? There’s a lot going for it when you assert your power with your pocket aces but in certain situations depending on the opponents of play poker online game and the size of the stack, limping-in may also be good. If you think you are a better player than your opponent and the scenario does not give you anything unfavorable, then raising is always the better choice. 

Happy playing! 

The Mathematical Benefit in Online Poker

You may ask the question what is the role of mathematics in the game of poker. You will get surprise to learn that one of the most significant aspects of poker is the primary role by mathematics. There are myriad players competing against each other in online poker games and it is imperative that you should know the basic probabilities, odds and other statistical data to make the right decisions. Learning about the contribution of mathematics in poker will help you in being successful in the game. 

The mathematical facet should be used in various situations. But it should be remembered that all games cannot be won by incessantly using this concept. Luck plays some role as well. For example If you are playing online poker and had started with 1500 chips along with 10 opponents and now you are at 2000 chips then the simple calculation is that blinds have increased from ₹100  ₹200 and a ₹25 ante. This is a terrible hand but you would be calling. As the small blind would have been battered and has only 500 chips remaining and he would bet it all. That is your mathematical advantage. A harmonious blend of calculations and luck would help you to win the game. 

Maths helps in making right choice 

The mathematical characteristic would facilitate in taking righteous decisions. You will be surprised to know that the application of odds in a poker online game gives the player an edge over his opponents. For example if you are playing a ₹2 game and are on the button. You should know that odds to a flush are in the ratio 4 to 1. You would augment to a flush with every five players. Hence, the mathematical calculation is simple and precise. If you play this hand for 5 times you would lose ₹2 four times and win ₹10 only once. 

The method of probability used in the game of poker defines the number of times particular situations would arise. On the other hand odds define the opposite. They tell you how many times a situation will not take place. For example if a player gets pocket pairs every 17 hands then the odds would be 16 to 1 in terms against dealing with a pocket pair. 

If you want to terminate the odds against improving present hand you should calculate the total number of cards that would be required by you in the total number of outs you need to suck out. An odd applied on the poker table help in concluding the total number of discounted odds, the specific calculation of the pot odds and shapes the strategy of the players on the poker table. All in all Mathematics and its application is a great way to win poker games. 

Happy playing! 

Five Poker Terms Commonly Used

As beginners, when reading poker literature or playing game in online poker games, we will encounter poker terms sounding strange. A major part of understanding the basics of poker and making winning strategies is to be familiar with poker term. 


First and foremost, we should understand the online poker term “Hand.” The 2 cards that dealers deal each player at the start are called a hand. Another poker term for this is “Hole Cards” or “Pocket Cards.” “Starting hands,” another poker term, are the first 2 cards we hold dealt by the dealer which we may decide to fold or play. When they are good enough to play, they become a “playable hand,” another poker term 


Among the frequently mentioned poker term is the Blinds. Blinds forced bets that 2 players immediately left of the dealer makes before cards dealt. The first player (also called the small blind) makes the small blind bet. And the second player next to the small blind is the big blind who makes the big blind bet. Note with this poker term that the big blind bet is the minimum bet and the small blind bet is half of this bet. 

Board Cards 

“Board Cards” are cards the dealer deals on the table. Another play poker online term for this is community cards. Board cards – 3 face-up cards placed on the table. Any player can make use of them to make a 5-card hand. This poker term is also commonly known as the board. Hence, when it says “the board shows” or “the board comes 10K” this means the dealer dealt face-up cards jack, 10, and king on the table. 


A Draw is a poker online term used when we need to take a helpful card from the board to improve our hand. If we have 10 clubs and 9 heart, and a board Q heart, J spade, and 2 diamond, we need to draw an 8 or a king. Hence, this poker term is good news especially when we have a flush or straight draw. 


The “Flop” is another online poker India term to refer to the dealing of the board cards. This poker term has three kinds: “pre-flop” is anything happening in the game before the flop, “on the flop” is the act of dealing the 3 cards, and “post flop” is anything happening after the flop is dealt. 

These 5 poker terms are most common in poker. Such poker term is commonly used online poker games. 

Happy playing! 

Top 10 Tips for Playing Poker Better

By improving your game, you’ll give yourself a better chance of winning those important hands. Remember online poker is a game of patience, so learn to remain calm, keep a level head and most of all get playing. Practice makes perfect! 

Playing draw hands

If you have a good draw you have to be careful with what you do with it. As an example, needing only one more card to have a flush is a great prospect, but many players get over excited. Players sometimes bet enormously high in these instances. It is vital to know what to do in case of a draw. You should either check or bet small. The only time you should bet big is if you think that the other players do not have anything and your chances of winning are better than theirs. 

Don’t be pot scared

By betting low every game, you’ll only be giving the other players a reason to stay in the pot. This greatly increases the probability of someone hitting cards and reduces your chances of winning. The perfect scenario for someone with a good hand is to bet just enough to keep one person in. Or, if it is one on one, bet high enough to scare people off. This again relates to confidence. You need to be confident about your cards and your odds of winning your particular hand. 

Don’t be afraid to commit

Whenever you have a really good hand don’t be afraid to put money into the pot. The whole point of online poker India is risk. If you don’t step out there and take a risk then you will be able to cash in. Being afraid of the pot will only lead you to miss out on those truly large jackpots that you need to be able to cash in on. 

Play good starting hands

You need to make sure that the hands that you start out with are good and have the ability to lead you to more profitable pots. If you begin out with 2 weak starting cards then your chances of “sticking it rich” will never be realized. There are chances for one to come away with small pots but in the long run small pots will only deplete your cash. So, whenever you are dealt your first hand make sure it is a strong hand or fold. In the long run your pay outs will be much larger if you follow this strategy. 

Game selection

Basically you want to find an online poker real money game where all the players are less skillful than you. If you find a game where all of the players are making small mistakes then you stand a better chance of cashing in. So a good strategy is to watch games before you join in. Keep track of who is playing where, and how good they are. If you find games were the players are making mistakes then you have a better chance of cashing in on those mistakes. 

Be smart with your bets

Try to make careful and responsible bets. Betting is an integral part of poker playing. If you are afraid to bet then avoid playing poker online. Do not play when you are intoxicated. This will lower you judgment power. Do not try to recover your losses by increasing bets. In a winning position do not become greedy. You can easily lose what you had won 

Pay real attention to other player’s moves

Do not just focus on your game. Be aware of others and this way you can improve your game by learning from their mistakes or imitating some of their moves. Use the notes function on many of these poker rooms to write down their actions or keep an eye on the game history. 

Don’t be tricky in low-limit online poker

Usually, you can’t even be that tricky in a 3/6 game in real life, but with online poker, it’s almost worthless to try and be creative in any of the low-limit tables. Up against an entire field of opponents who are willing to call you down, bluffing and other methods of deception will go right over the heads of your novice opponents. 

Begin with free money

 Most people’s strategy is to start out playing with the play money, while considering making the change over to the real money poker games. If you are one of those players, making the change to real money is not a hard task, but you must alter your style of play a bit if you expect to win or at least to not lose too quickly. 

Pot odds important part of poker

Pots odd are when you look at your poker hand and it may not be that good but the chances are that it could get better through the game. Those are called pot odds, where it is up to you the player to determine if there is a chance that you could come out of the game a winner. You need to keep these in mind whenever you are looking to make bets or play almost any card game online. 

Happy playing! 

Playing the Final Table for the First Spot

A number of poker players just try to climb up two spots up their money ladder once they’re on the final table. This doesn’t usually happen when you’re playing with a professional. The pro online poker players will always want the top spot. 

If you want to play poker online games like a professional, you should follow these tips. 

Get inside your opponents’ heads 

You have to assess the situation and know what prize they’re aiming for. There’s no use trying to beat them all when they’re not really going for the top prize, anyway. A number of poker online players are pretty satisfied with the 9th or the 8th place, and most of them even make a big deal out of the difference. Try to weed out these mediocre players from the lot. You want to focus on the ones that would fold out the smaller games to get to the final pay out. 

Spotting them through stacks 

Even without body language, you can actually determine which ones are playing just to climb up a notch or two, and which ones are going to shove to dodge the blinds. Players with shorter stacks are likely to go for the 9th place. Those with longer stacks are going to fold to last longer in the game. 

Players with big stacks 

What you should watch are the two poker players with the biggest stacks in the table. They have the most interesting posts of all. If you’re one of them, you should attack the one with the bigger stack. If you have the biggest stack, expect what’s coming to you. Folding four or five times just to climb up a notch or two in the ladder is foolish. You’ll be wasting the opportunity. 

Just raise and re-raise the chip leader and let him know you can’t get bullied. If all goes well, you’ll get the message across and win the big prize. If he’s as tough as you are, the two of you will probably tie at second place. 

Happy playing! 

Poker Tips: Understanding Blocking Bet

A blocker bet or blocking bet in the online poker game is when you make a small bet when you are first to act just to see what the next card is without putting in too much money into the pot. When you make a blocking bet, your opponent will most likely not make a big bet or raise and just call. Doing a blocking bet helps you prevent other players to make big bets which will be natural if you just checked. 

You need to know when and how to make a blocking bet or this move will just be throwing away your chips or money. 

Remember that you can only make a blocking bet when you are out of position in online poker. The idea behind the move is that you want to see what the next card is and not risking too much of your stack when you expect that your opponent will be putting a lot into the pot. 

Expect good cash with blocking bet 

When you play poker online with a blocking bet you can expect to get some good money when you complete the cards you need. 

You can also use this play when all of the cards have been drawn. Players can block at the river when you are against a player who bluffs a lot. You can block bet against a poker online player who is about to make a big bet because he has a monster hand or it is just a complete bluff. If you think you have a medium strength hand with a good kicker then you can do a blocker bet for a showdown. You can put in some chips to prevent the other player from bluffing but just small enough so you do not lose a lot in case your opponent comes out on top. 

Another important point when making a block bet is just to put a reasonable amount or otherwise your opponent will make life harder for you because he or she will have enough space to raise. 

Happy playing!