How to Bluff While Playing Poker Online Cards

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Poker is harder to cheat at than most card games. In fact, that explains some of the design features of the poker online game.

In most card games, you cheat by dealing yourself good cards, using various techniques. But you can get the same effect in online poker India legally just by folding more hands. It costs you a little bit in extra blinds and antes, but not enough extra to be worth cheating over. Moreover, while the best hand in online poker usually wins money, it’s the second-best hand that loses the most. So, improving your average hand doesn’t help if it gives you as many extra second-best hands as the best hands.

One way to cheat in poker is to set up all the hands at the table, such that at least one other player has a great hand, and you have a better hand. For one thing, it’s difficult to fix all the cards in the deck, much harder than just dealing yourself with an extra Ace in a bridge. But it can also be hard to get a lot out of a good player, even if you pick all the cards.

For example, you have a royal flush, which beats the other player’s four Aces. But he’s watching you closely. If you play online poker real money as if you have a drawing hand, as you do, he will take seriously the possibility that you have the straight flush. If you play it as if you have KK or KQ, he will be very suspicious. If you’re a good enough player to disguise your intentions on setup, you’re probably good enough to win without cheating. And if he’s bad enough not to notice what you’re doing, you can probably win without cheating.

Mark poker cards

Marking cards can help you, but it’s hard to get away with, and it only helps occasionally. Because cards are burned, you don’t get advance knowledge of the board in the best online poker game. Again, you have to notice the marks without appearing to study other people’s cards; but the marks have to be subtle enough that no one else notices. Other cheats like mirror rings that tell you other people’s cards have the same issue.

A classic way to cheat shown in Westerns is to hide an Ace from the deck. That’s why guns come out when a card is found on the floor under someone’s foot, or up a sleeve. It’s not that the cheater expected to transfer the card to his hand; it’s that the subtraction of a single Ace changes the odds enough to matter, especially in five-card stud, the popular game at the time.

People sometimes add or subtract cards to a deck at a poker live game. It is usually discovered and while the identity of the cheater is hard to prove (assuming the player is careful to note where the cameras are) the poker room will quickly figure out if the same person tries it more than once. Fake chips are another scam.

People have hacked servers or made deals with poker sites. Others have figured out ways to play multiple hands at the same table.

Happy playing!


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