Online Poker Tips for Playing on Flop in Texas Hold’em

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Poker is an interesting online game, where the players tend to use their mind. Here are some tips for how to bet on the flop with some common hands and situations in Texas Hold’em online poker.

If everyone checks on the poker online India flop, you should bet on the turn even if you have nothing. Most of the time your opponents will often fold in such a situation. Exceptions to this are when there are too many players or just loose players in the group.

If someone suddenly bets into you or raises, and you are considering folding, be sure to first look at the number of chips that the player has in front of him. If he is practically out of best online poker chips it’s likely that he is bluff raising/betting because he knows he will go all-in on that hand anyway.

Bet with an ace or minor card

If you have overcards on the flop, you can bet with an ace or two minor over cards, but you should fold if someone raises your bet. If someone bets before you on the flop you can call with two overcards, but be sure to fold them at the turn if your hand does not improve. You can call with two major overcards (ie A-J) if someone raises your bet on the flop. You can also check-call a bet on the turn with that kind of hand unless the board looks threatening.

A small pair with an overcard kicker is a strong hand that you can call, even cold call, a raise with on the flop. You should probably fold it on the next round if it was raised on the flop and you haven’t improved the hand and someone bets before you.

Players can bluff-bet

Sometimes you can bluff-bet if the flop contains an ace. Your opponents will often fold in such a situation if they don’t have any pairs or an open-ended straight because it’s impossible for them to have any overcards when the flop contains an ace. This will usually only work if your opponents aren’t too many or too loose.

Happy playing!

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