Personality Disorders Seen During Poker Online Game

When you sit down for a poker online game, you will be encountering a wide variety of personalities that may range from normal to outrageously insane.

Now, having these disorders might be their weakness so you should also take advantage of them to bring home the bacon.


The narcissist believes that the world revolves around himself or herself. All you need to do is be a good mirror in front of him and please his already swollen ego with praises about his superior online poker real money skills. The bloated ego will eventually make mistakes.


The professor knows everything about the game of online poker India. Or so that’s what he wants to think. You will hear numbers and you will hear statistics about the hand. This kind of player doesn’t really intend to educate but wants to show off his superiority above the other players. Make sure you play against what his stats should do to your game and you will end up tilting him.


This kind of best online poker player will dance around the table and do all sort of antics to celebrate his superiority above a player. Make this player feel that you really suck and he is an expert. Pump the ego balloon and wait for it to burst.


Bad beat. Bad beat. That’s what this player thinks he is getting all the time. Try to be a friend and reassure that he will be doing well or he played the hand wisely. He will continue to play online poker and wait for the chips thrown from his side of the table.

Happy playing!


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