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In poker online tournaments that offer re-buys, in general, you should always take the opportunity to re-buy whenever possible. However, there are some exceptions to the rule and suggestions for strategy, as is usual in poker.

First of all, expect to find a lot of loose players when you buy into a re-buy poker online tournament. These players are risky and will play any hand simply because of the re-buy option. Re-buy tournaments just about guarantee an overall aggressive environment, which is quite the contrast of non-rebuy tournaments.

While aggressive players frequent re-buy online poker real money games, smart aggressive players are the ones who win re-buy tourneys. Your goal, early on, should be to increase your chip stack as much as possible. Within the re-buy time limit, you can expect a lot of raising and all-in bets. Use any opportunity to double or triple up on your chips. This will require you to be aggressive and go all-in rather frequently.

If you cannot adjust to this type of play and end up bringing your passive style to a re-buy, adhering to the laws of odds and playing tight, will quickly make you the underdog once the chip hounds acquire so many chips that it is actually impossible to beat them or even catch up to them. And this will happen quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be so short-stacked that you won’t have any hope whatsoever, even if you re-buy. On the other hand, aggressive play will afford you the ability to double and triple up continually.

Take advantage of re-buy

Re-buys are typically offered once your chip count drops below the starting stack value. Take advantage of the re-buy at the first opportunity available. But, as a rule of thumb, if you re-buy more than four times, you might want to seriously think about letting it go because by that point, the other player’s stacks will be so large in comparison to yours, you won’t be able to keep your head above water, much less catch up with them.
Changing up your play poker style and taking big risks is critical to building a big chip stack in this environment. However, once the re-buy period is over, you should revert to your normal play style and implement your usual strategies.

Re-buy tournament is interesting

What makes re-buy tournaments interesting is that once you get knocked out, it’s not the end of the road. Even the best of players go broke pretty quickly due to the reckless play that these types of tournaments allow (which, by the way, is one reason that many players like these tournaments). Re-buys allow the otherwise tight playing tournament player to let loose, literally, contrasting the stressful environment that regular tournaments afford. When you can re-buy, it’s like turning the tournament into a cash game for a while, which requires a mindset that can quickly change gears between cash and tournament-style play instantly. Don’t forget this important aspect of the re-buy tournament: You must be able to mentally adjust once the re-buy period has ended, and stop playing like you can just replenish your chips when you run out. Don’t fall into the habit of depending on re-buys then suddenly find yourself on the flip side of the tournament and no longer have the re-buy insurance to back your loose play.

Tighten up, as almost everyone else will do the same, and take advantage of any players you see who aren’t with the program. Be smart and watch for the guy who hasn’t realized that he’s out of re-buys. He’ll soon find out, and you can be the one to break the news to him when you take the rest of his chips.

Happy playing!


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