Play the Starting Hands in Online Poker

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This is the online poker player’s mentality and the reason that, no matter how skilled any one player is, they can still be beaten by luck.

There are many variables that go into the decision-making process of whether to play the two cards dealt with you. The most important being your position at the best online poker table.

For now, it’s important you understand the categories of poker online  India starting hands and the general rules and strategies behind playing them.

Big Pairs

Big pairs tend to get players in trouble because they overvalue their hands. The more players to the flop, the less likely you will win the pot. With big pairs, you should always raise pre-flop.

Some players try and slow play and “check” when they have an overpair to the flop. An overpair means the pair of cards in your hand is better than the highest community card. Slow playing is a poor decision because it is unlikely your hand will improve. Bet and make the lesser hands fold.

Medium Pairs

Medium pairs are good starting hands, but difficult to play poker when the flop comes out, particularly when there are overcards.

You can raise with a medium pair from late position. You might even consider a raise from middle position, but with an early position, a call might be your best option.

Small Pairs

If you have a small pair, you are hoping to catch trips on the flop. Otherwise, it is unlikely you will win the hand without bluffing.

Small pairs are good to limp in from a late position, especially if there are a lot of players in the hand. If you raise pre-flop from an early or late position and don’t catch trips on the flop, play carefully. Before making a continuation bet, think about what hand your opponent may be holding if he caught any of the cards on the flop, and if the size of the pot warrants a bluff.

Bet if you catch your set and think your opponent caught a piece of the flop. Many players check after they hit their set, hoping to trap their opponent into betting. Realize though, that this method doesn’t always extract the most chips. It may be hard for others to put you on a set, therefore, you are at an advantage to win a good-size pot, particularly if your opponent has top pair.

Happy playing!


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