Playing Aces on the Flop and Beyond In Poker Online

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The poker online flop is the trickiest part of the hand when you have aces because you’ll either commit to going all the way with the hand or realize that you beat. As long as the flop doesn’t look really, really bad. You should lead out with a bet of roughly 2/3 the size of the pot. An example of a fairly safe flop is J 42 offsuit. That is a great flop because it improves players who have hands like AJ. And it misses players with hands like 78 suited who are looking for big draws.

An example of a bad flop of poker online India would be something like 8 10 J, or K 5 4 of the same suit. In first example, hands like 10-J or 8-8 have hit  flop hard. And have a great chance of beating you in a huge pot. In second example, if you don’t have the ace of the suit that is on the board. You’re in a really tough spot. Because if fourth card of that suit peels off on turn or river, you’ll have a tough decision to make.

What happens in a bad flop?

In the case of a bad flop like the ones listed above, an online poker real money player usually still leads out if there are only one or two opponents in the hand, but if they show any strength, the player becomes very cautious with his/her hand. If we feel like our opponent already has me beat, or has a really big draw, we’re not opposed to folding aces on the flop to a raise or a strong bet.

After you play poker the flop, the rest of the hand will pretty much play itself. If you pin your opponent on having a lower pair, just continue to value bet to extract maximum value out of them. If you think your opponent has a draw, continue to make them pay to draw, and if the draw hits on the turn or river release your hand. Follow the tips above, and you’ll have no problems with aces. Good luck!

Happy playing!

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